For larger view of image either move mouse over image or click the magnifier on the upper right corner. All preview images are low resolution and watermark is removed.

Changes include, but not limited to
Text updates, adding more text, removing text
Covers are sold only once, then removed from the catalog

You Receive
Large Hi Res images for Amazon Marketplace 1750 x 2500 in JPG,PDF and PNG
–  One (1) 3D version for website and social promotion of your choice
Please note, that follow up revisions social media image is not included in this package.



Do you provide original design files?
No  I do not due to licensing issues with fonts and some images. But you can order a custom cover and request original files.
Can I provide my own images
Yes of course. The rate does not include any image manipulations or fixes other than contrast and/or color corrections. If provided images are not properly sized, they won’t work well and your final image will be blurred. I will let you know about this beforehand
How long does it take?
You will hear from me well within 24hrs, and normal turnaround is 48. This allows for your review and any revisions
Can I add extra text
Sure you can. As long as it doesn’t affect the layout and design of the template you have chosen, there is no charge. I don’t recommend a lot of text, details are lost in the marketplace due to the small sizes used by Amazon
Can I have a cover for a different provider like Nook,Smashwords,etc?
Yes I will provide up to 2 additional sizes at no cost.
Can I resell the designed cover to a client
Sure you can, but you can not claim it as your own or post in your portfolio.

How this works

So you found the perfect affordable design. Payments are via paypal and once you purchase your template I will contact you within 24hrs for details on your cover. I’ll need Titles, Author, any other changes that are included such as colors,imagery and so on. I will also ask what type of 3D cover you would like.  IF for some reason I don’t contact you please email me directly I work really odd hours, so I’ll get back to you rather quickly.